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Distributed Detection and Adaptive 3-D Mapping of Harmful Algal Blooms

September 2002 - February 2005

Project Summary:


Multi-spectral reflectance, chlorophyll a fluorescence and bathymetry measured by the REMUS AUV in the gulf of Mexico during Spring 2004.


The intent of the this research is to integrate existing new technologies in autonomous underwater vehicles and an automated, optical-based harmful algal bloom (HAB) detection instrument to provide an adaptive survey scheme that will expand the spatial and temporal boundaries for bloom detection and tracking.  The system shall consist of a Webb Research Corporation autonomous glider and a Hydroid REMUS adapted to accommodate a HAB optical discriminator.  The shipboard system shall be a portable instrument to be used on ships involved in HAB research throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern U.S. coast.  Our efforts will also be used to refine our ability to qualitatively/quantitatively identify HAB species  in laboratory cultures and field populations.  To this end, we will incorporate and refine existing hardware and newly developed numerical methods.

People Involved:

  • Dr. Mark Moline, Principal Investigator
  • Shelley Blackwell, Research Associate
  • Ian Robbins, Graduate Student


Dr. Gary Kirkpatrick mote
Dr. Oscar Schofield IMCS
Clayton Jones Webb Research

harmful algal field work

Data Links (coming soon):

  • Karenia brevis cell counts
  • AUV Data

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