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Multi-Scale Model-Driven Sampling with Autonomous Systems at a National Littoral Laboratory

1998 - 1999

Project Summary:


Cross-shelf survey of the along and cross shelf currents derived from upward and downward looking ADCP's mounted on the REMUS AUV. Blue currents indicate currents flowing to the south, red currents flowing to the north. White line denotes REMUS track.


The focus of this project involved a series of multi-disciplinary real-time forecasting and adaptive sampling exercises designed to study the physical and bio-optical structure of recurrent coastal upwelling centers along the New Jersey coast. These rapidly evolving upwelling centers develop in a matter of days, having typical diameters of order 20-30 km, and last between several days to two-weeks.  The upwelling centers have been hypothesized to preferred locations for phytoplankton blooms and are coincident with historically observed regions of recurrent  hypoxia/anoxia. During the summer of 1998, real-time satellite derived sea surface temperature and SeaWiFS ocean color data were collected to define the mesoscale dynamics of phytoplankton along the MAB.  Data from satellites and shore-based radar systems were combined with subsurface data acquired by shore-linked profilers, shipboard towed systems and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s). These real-time datasets were assimilated by a numerical coastal ocean model, with the resulting nowcasts and forecasts providing feedback to the observation network for the collection of additional assimilation data, AUV-based turbulence measurements, bio-optical observations, and for determination of sampling sites

People Involved:

  • Dr. Mark Moline, Principal Investigator
  • Dwight Peterson, Undergraduate
  • Erica Peters, Undergraduate
  • Taylor Newton, Undergraduate


Scott Glenn

Oscar Schofield


Field work

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