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Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System

June 2004 - May 2006

Project Summary:


Temperature (°C) off the Scripps Pier and over the Scripps Canyon plotted as a function of time (seconds) and depth (m), collected by Cal Poly’s REMUS AUV. Data represents 28 passes along the same 1.8 km transect and show the passing of an internal wave over the 8 hour deployment.


SCCOOS aims to synthesize observations from collaborating institutions into products that will provide a scientific basis for evaluating and improving management of the coastal ocean environment and its resources. To this end SCCOOS implements HF radar, meteorological stations, automated and manual shore stations, moorings, shipboard sampling, autonomous underwater vehicles and gliders to make observations, collect real-time data, and develop models. The information collected is converted into products that are useful to the public, and to agencies and organizations interested in the ocean.

Cal Poly contributes to the SCCOOS efforts by providing real-time meteorological, underwater data from the end of the Cal Poly Pier in San Luis Obispo Bay, and through deployments of the REMUS AUV to characterize nearshore  coastal processes on high resolution scales. In addition Cal Poly is in the process of instumenting the Central Coast of California with High Frequency radar stations to provide surface current maps of the region.

People Involved:

  • Dr. Mark Moline, Principal Investigator
  • Brian Zelenke, Research Associate
  • Daniel Elmore, Research Assistant
  • Shelley Blackwell, Research Associate
  • Jason Morgan, Programmer Analyst
  • Jeff Sevadjian, Research Assistant


Eric Terrill


Field work

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