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Marine Science is an incredibly diverse field of study that integrates a number of traditional disciplines. Students in marine science are therefore exposed to new ways of thinking and lends itself to a continually rewarding career. Below are a list of disciplines at Cal Poly and how one could match that with a marine topic.

  • Biology – Study of marine organisms, populations, communities, ecosystem function.
  • Chemistry – Cycling of inorganic salts, transformation of dissolved organic material.
  • Computer Science – writing code to command/control autonomous underwater vehicles.
  • Engineering – design/building of instrumentation resistant to pressure and salts.
  • Mathematics – modeling the 3D current flows along the California coast.
  • Physics – instrument design, applications of lasers to detect particle fields.
  • Soil Science – coastal erosion, sediment transport in Morro Bay Estuary.
  • Statistics – validation of model output, determining significance in population changes.

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